iNNo Concepts Inc. was founded in 1992 to market high quality specialty kitchen appliances that are specifically designed to impart authentic taste. Inno Concepts Inc. is the first Indian company in USA to provide warranty and service for Indian appliances.

Our efforts started with marketing Sumeet mixie to Indian-American households in USA. Then we added Meenu wet grinders and ULTRA Grind+ wetgrinders (wetgrinders or wet grinders) also known as idli grinders / dosa grinders to make idlis, a South Indian delicacy known for its nutritional value. Now we are proud to be the sole authorized distributors for North America for Ultra brand appliances such as Ultra Pride+, Ultra Perfect+, Ultra Slimiline table top wet grinders, the no.1 grinders in the world. We also market the Idleez multipurpose steamer with Marrlite(tm)- coated idli plates, and Innomix Mixer Grinders (mixies) made to our specifications to meet USA standards and customer feedback. We have marketed Meenumix mixies from the house of Meenu Mixie, the first mixie to get ISI certification in India. Our product line includes but not limited to Chef Art rotimakers, Chef’s design pressure cooker / pressure pan combo, Prestige pressure cookers, Hawkins Futura Pressure cookers, Chefmaster electric Tawas, Mallika Badrinath’s cookbooks, and other unique products. We are also the authorized service center for La Pavoni espresso machines. WE also carry residential size Tandoori ovens (tandoor ovens), ideal for your backyard barbecue / Kabob / tandoori chicken / Naan parties.

To serve the growing Indian American Commercial market, we added commercial kitchen appliances such as Santha tilting wetgrinders (idli grinders / dosa grinders). Now we have our own line of commercial idli dosa grinders – ICGC and RIGC line of Stainless steel multi-purpose commercial grinders (idli grinders / dosa grinders), idli chambers (large idli steamers), and pulverizers. We have also modified the commercial grinders to grind cocoa beans into chocolate liquor and we market them as ECGC Grindeurs (a combination of grinder + melanguer) at These appliances help restaurateurs and caterers prepare gourmet ethnic food in large quantities quickly and hygienically.

Our relationship with the customer begins with our quality products. We are committed to quality customer service. Warranty for parts and labor is included with our products. We are the only Indian company in North America to give warranty for the commercial appliances that we sell.

We buy our products directly from the manufacturers and pass on the savings to customers. Dealing directly with the manufacturers also helps us constantly modify and enhance the product design based on valuable feedback we get from customers like you.

We are continuously adding dealers to our distribution network across the country. Most of our dealers provide not only top quality customer service, but are also trained to perform minor repair services to meet your service needs. If you are interested in selling our products or you know somebody interested in becoming our dealer, please contact us.

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  1. Lee Comeau (770) 845-1465

    I have a customer asking me about your Commercial Grinders.They are interested in buying and my company supplying them with this Grinder.

    Please contact me and I can send you a Picture of the Grinder they Currently have in use.

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