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Innomix Surya is the ideal kitchen appliance that can replace the coffee grinders and local blenders.

Want to grind ginger garlic paste or cumin black pepper powders in a flash? Want to grind coconut chutney or mint / coriander chutney without adding the water and without loosing the flavor? Want to make your own fresh turmeric powder or chilli powder? Innomix Surya can handle these tough jobs and give great results.

Many customers ask why we chose a mixie model to sell that has only one blade (flat, 2 pronged blade) instead of traditional models that have 2 or three blades (4-6 pronged). The flat blade helps in the following ways:

  1. The blade is closer to the base of the jar. So even if one adds a small quantity of the ingredients, it will still be pulverized / ground.
  2. The flat blade helps keep the ingredients closer to the blade so all the materials are ground uniform. The 4 or 6 pronged blades throw the materials to the top of the jar and one has to stop the unit,  open the lid, push the ingredients down and start the unit again. One has to repeat it at least few times before the ingredients are ground uniformly.
  3. In addition, the flat blade grinds the ingredients very fast. Just add the ingredients to 1/3 of the height of the jar and in less than a minute, the grinding will be done. Just make sure to pulse the hard substances such as coconuts and turmeric pieces (all the ingredients should be less than 1/2″ in any dimension) before let the unit run on a continuous speed.

Two stainless steel jars are designed to handle a teaspoon to a cup of ingredients. Highly efficient and durable grinding blades grind and pulverize the ingredients in a jiffy.

The piano style buttons provide the user with ease and flexibility to vary operating speeds efficiently and effectively. Handy compartment at the back of the unit stores the wire cord and keeps the area clutter free. The unit will start only if the jars are locked in position for safety.


  • Motor – 550W, 110V
  • Jars – Stainless steel
  • Motor housing – ABS Plastics
  • Speeds – 2 plus pulse
  • Foot Print – 12″ x 6″
  • Weight – 10 lbs with box

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 11 in


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Parts & Accessories

Two stainless steel jars for different quantities
Unique, durable blade design increases longevity of blade and efficiency of use
Wide jar design for easy operation and cleaning
Jars with built-in flow breakers for uniform grinding
Snap on lid for easy opening
Heavy duty 550W motor
Piano style keys with 3 speeds and a pulse function
Safety switch activated by locking the jar
Reset switch prevents the motor from overheating
Built-in cord storage compartment
One year limited warranty against any manufacturing defect
Buy two and save $10 each if both units are delivered to the same address