Inspection Procedure for Grindeurs

Commercial units are shipped in pallets with appropriate packing and instructions. If the outside box or packing is damaged, please make a note in the delivery receipt and give it to the driver.If the shipping damage is not noted on the delivery receipt, the shipping company will not honor the damage claim. Defect on Arrival (DoA) will be covered by only if the shipping damage is reported within two working days from the date of delivery. Warranty coverage does not cover the shipping damages.

Use a forklift or pallet jack to move the pallets.

Upon receiving the unit, look for any visible dents to the drum or motor housing, damage to the lid, chips or cracks to the drum stone or roller stones. Make sure the electrical connections are intact. Any hidden damages found should be promptly communicated to within 2 working days of the delivery.

Inspection Procedure for Melangers

Typical examples (but not limited to) of shipping damages in Melangers:

  • Visible cracks and dents
  • Rattling noise when rocked back and forth gently
  • Unusual motor sound
  • Motor overheating (warm to touch is acceptable) during operation
  • Broken pieces inside the box
  • Jammed or defective locking mechanism
  • Electrical sparks upon initial start etc.

Inspection Procedure:

Thoroughly inspect the unit under sufficient light for any visible damages, dents, and cracks in the exterior surface. Inspect the top, bottom, front, and back, left side and right side. Look for any loose/broken pieces inside the box.

One of the possible damages is to the motor mount inside the grinder unit. To check for motor mount damage, place the base unit (without stainless steel vessel and grinding stone assembly) on a stable surface and secure the lock arm in its place. Slowly rock the unit back and forth. Observe for any sound caused by the motor moving inside the shell (motor touching the plastic shell).

Connect the unit to 110V outlet (remove the vessel and grinding stone assembly; lock the arm in its place) and turn the switch on. You should hear a smooth motor running sound (just a humming sound) – no scratching sound. While the motor is running, slowly rock the unit back and forth and observe for any unusual sound of motor touching the exterior shell. There should be no change in the motor running sound.

CAUTION !! Do not use the unit if there is unusual sound while running the unit.

Damage caused by using the unit with broken motor mount is not covered by shipping company or by the manufacturer. Customer pays for the additional damage caused by using the unit damaged in transit.


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